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An Essay on Prague for Kids, Students and Youth

Prague is a beautiful capital city of the Czech Republic. It is the largest city in the country by population. It is also one of the best travel destinations in the Europe. The city attracts a good number of foreign tourists each year. The city of Prague is a centre of power, culture, education, travel, and history. It’s a popular travel destination in Europe after London, Paris, Istanbul and Rome.

Essay on Prague
Essay on Prague

Prague is a centre of business and economy of the Czech Republic. The city provides an opportunity of more employment with high wages compared to national average of the Czech Republic. Many companies have their headquarters in Prague.

The National Theatre (Národní Divadlo), the Estates Theatre (Stavovské or Tylovo or Nosticovo divadlo) are popular cultural institutions in Prague. These are the theaters where prominent events are held.

The city is well connected transportation facilities, such as Air, Roads, Rail, Prague Metro, and private transportation. It’s a well developed city with significant facilities for public transportation.

Prague is also a centre of diplomatic relations with other countries. Many countries have their own diplomatic missions in Prague, such as South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, United States of America, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Israel, Malaysia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, South Korea, and many other important countries.

Prague is also a popular nightlife destination in the Czech Republic. The city has a good number of dance clubs, pubs, bars, and nightclubs, popular among the young party goers. It’s a popular nightlife destination among the foreign tourists too.

Many important sport events are held in Prague each year especially football, and soccer. Prague is in love with football / soccer game and number of stadiums are located in the city.

Chicago (United States), Miami-Dade County (United States), and Beijing (China) are twin towns and sister cities of the Czech Republic.

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Article Title: An Essay on Prague for Kids, Students and Youth
Article first published on November 17, 2016. Original.