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Reservation System in India

An Essay on Reservation System in India for Students, Kids and Children

Reservation system in India is hottest topic of debate in India since a long time, which has proved to be a blessing for some and a curse for many. The dalits or the adivasis also known as SC, ST (Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes), were the main sufferers of the caste system in India.

A few percent of people were deprived of a dignified life and were unable to avail the basic human rights. Many of them were even denied to Government jobs, were often treated as untouchables and were not even allowed to make use of water from the common well and were considered as unskilled workers.

An Essay on Reservation System in India
An Essay on Reservation System in India

What is Reservation system?

“Reservation” means “An arrangement by which some provisions are secured in advance” or “The act of keeping back or withholding”. To put an end to the discrimination in the society, and mixing the people with the general public, reservation system was introduced. Through this system, we see and understand every single person equally and equal opportunity to all is given.

Current reservation system in India

Reservation System in India has been amended many times and currently reservation system in India comprises of 7.5% reservation for Schedule Tribe (S.T), 15% reservation for Schedule Caste (S.C) and 27% for those who belong to Other Backward Caste. This reservation applies to all central government jobs and educational policies. Some states even provide reservation for female candidate, armed force candidate and for freedom fighters.

Is Reservation System good?

The answers are mixed. The intention behind implementing reservation is good, essential and accurate. And not because it has not been implemented appropriately. The main problem is that this is misused by other castes as well by making duplicate certificates of ST SC or OBC and taking its benefit in education, jobs and many more.

In brief, Reservation System in India has no intention to take revenge on General Class; it is just introduced with a clear idea to bring in equality. Article 14 in the Constitution states that, “The State shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India.”

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Article Title: An Essay on Reservation System in India for Students, Kids and Children
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