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An Essay on Amazon Inc. for Students, Kids and Youth

Amazon is a leading online retail company. It was started in 1995 by Jeff Bezos as an online book company and has evolved into a provider of various different types of consumer goods such as books, apparel and electronics products.


Between 2009 and early 2013, Amazon had rolled out a global strategy through the effective utilization of its resources and strategic capabilities.

The strategy was about global dominance through the development and the use of technology, acquisitions and alliances to offer an increasing range of products and services.

The strategy also entailed increasing the customer experience. Mckeown argues that operational effectiveness alone cannot achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Thompson and Strickland highligts that operational effectiveness means carrying out similar activities better than the competitors do.

This involves business process reengineering, benchmarking, outsourcing and just-in-time. These concepts are important, but they do not give a sustainable competitive advantage.

According to the Management Study guide, sustainable competitive advantage is achievable through performing similar activities in a distinctive style or carrying out different activities from competitors.

Amazon has established a distinctive, difficult to imitate and internally consistent operational systems, which have ensured them with a sustained competitive advantage.

As of April 2013,, Inc. had a market capitalization of $120.0 billion and employed 88,400 full-time and part-time employees globally. Amazon was a strong global business, and it had established primary international locations in Canada, China, Rica Costa, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Ireland, India, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.

The company and more that 1 million third party resellers provides a variety of unique, refurbished, new and used items in different categories.

These includes Automotive & Industry; Books; Shoes and Jewelry; Video games; Home and Garden; Electronics and Computers; Toys; Kids; Clothing; Sports & Outdoor; Health & Beauty; Tools; and Music. Amazon had also restructured itself as a major company in cloud computing with the provision of cloud computing services.