Bollywood vs Hollywood Essay for Kids and Students

Hollywood and Bollywood are two words that describe the $80 billion world cinema industry. Hollywood being the largest in terms of revenue with 90% of total industry revenue to its name, while Bollywood being able to capture only 3% of the industry total .


production center is government owned. In the United States it is common to
hear of individual stars working on two or three films at once. In Bollywood
it is common for an individual star to work on as many as ten films at once.

Both Hollywood and Bollywood highly promote their films and stars.
Bollywood’s lead stars are making about forty percent of a two million dollar
If asked what movies were produced in Hollywood, the list would go
on forever.

American Desi, Company, and Grahan are a few movies that were released in Bollywood in 2001. The only American Blockbuster hit to ever hit the top five charts in India is Titanic.

Bollywood originally a more casual but extensively used name for the Hindi Cinema industry was officially entered in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2007. Unlike Hollywood, Bollywood does not represent an area or a district, the name was extracted from a blend of Bombay, the historic name of Mumbai, the home of Indian Cinema and Hollywood.

The origin of the Indian film industry dates back to the 1890’s but the time period after the partition of the subcontinent is the known as the ‘Golden Age’ of Indian Cinema.

Extreme technological progress helped cinema to become one of the most preferred mass medium in a very short span of time since its origin. It was considered vital by many, as a creative input of art and a source of entertainment, education, enlightenment and inspiration for its viewers.

It is this definition where the divergence of filmmaking approach of Hollywood and Bollywood becomes evident. It is the cultural differences between the West and the subcontinent that create the divide between Indian and Western cinema.

Bollywood caters to an audience that is culturally stronger. Firm religious beliefs, low exposure to the western world, lack of entertainment options and a more family oriented culture means that generally an Indian movie has to draw interest from several different demographics such as from grand parents to grand children, rich as well as the poor, educated as well as those who cannot read or write.

It is for the diverse audience that a typical Bollywood film encompasses romance, comedy, family drama and action. On the contrary, the American cinema which caters to a more liberal, educated, western and segmented audience has evolved more into science fiction and a greater amount of sexual content.

This has forced Hollywood writers to update there script writing styles and include more nudity, violence and coarse language. Majority of new movies coming up include sexuality and intimacy to make them more attractive to watch.

Most of the famous blockbusters have explicit sexual scenes and there are some movies which became successful, only because of explicit sexual scenes.