An Essay on Importance of Money for Kids, Students and Children

Essay on Importance of Money

Money is an important way of living healthy, wealthy and prosperous life but it cannot be compared by the importance of care and love. Each have their own benefits and disadvantages.

Essay on Importance of Money
Essay on Importance of Money

Money is a powerful tool which can be used for good cause and evil cause too. The same thing can gives delight and sorrow. A proper use of money can get you happiness and better in life. It’s plays an important role in our life. No one can achieve anything without money in this greedy world.

Money may lends you with an extreme power. Most of the times, people gives respect to the person who has more money and power.

Money is a source of energy in our life and could purchase any material thing but couldn’t true love. However, money may able to help you to find a temporary love, such as boyfriend or girlfriend in your life.

Without money, we cannot buy our new house, construct and renovate old house, purchase office, buy grocery, buy clothes, go for beauty parlour, travel anywhere, and many other things. So, it’s play a vital role in our life. Without money, we are nothing but an ordinary human being with less power.

Without money, a dying patient cannot be treated. A much required is money and it helps you to live a healthy life with better health treatment anywhere in the world. In many cases, hospital would not co-operate with you without depositing money first on the country. So, the importance of money is much in everyone’s life.

Without money, we cannot get education in any private college around the world. To get our favourite book, we have to pay sum of money to the bookseller or online shopping website. It’s a medium of purchasing anything material around the world.

A good person always helps other close relatives in trouble in their financial needs. It’s an important aspect of love rather than money. A good saying says, ‘Money cannot buy happiness’, yes, it’s true! No one can buy happiness but could able to solve the problem of many people around the world which eventually creates happiness in someone’s life.

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Article Title: An Essay on Importance of Money for Kids, Students and Children
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