An Essay on La Tomatina Festival for Students, Kids and Children

La Tomatina is a popular festival, held in Bunol, Spain. The town is a popular destination for thousands of people to take part in the festival. In this festival, people get involved in tomato fighting purely for enjoyment and entertainment purposes. The festival is being held in Bunol since 1945.

La Tomatina Festival
La Tomatina Festival

The festival started in the last Wednesday of August in 1945 when a few number of young people gathered in the town square and spent time. They have decided to have a place among the retinue with Giants, Big-Heads figures and musician.

The number of participants have been increased year over year, thanks to promotions held by the Spain Tourism Ministry. A good number of people visit this town especially for the festival from all around the world. The popularity of La Tomatina is increasing year after year but the controversy is also increasing year over year.

The festival starts at 9am in the town square of Bunol. A special breakfast is provided by the Town Hall which includes pastries and rolls. As time goes on, the town square fills with people, local and tourists. The excitement is increased as time goes on.

The La Tomatina Festival is considered the largest food fight in the world. However, it is widely criticized by many activists and experts around the world. But the festival didn’t cared about the opinion of these so called experts.

A good number of Spanish tour operators provides special tour packages and travel packages for La Tomatina Festival. It is one of the most popular festivals in Spain during the time.

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Article Title: An Essay on La Tomatina Festival for Students, Kids and Children
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