An Essay on Mother’s Day for Students, Kids and Children

Mother’s Day is celebrated in order to salute all mothers and to value her motherhood. This Day falls on the second Sunday of May every year and functions are organised in schools to show gratitude to all mothers. Children show their excitement by preparing various rhymes and songs, speeches on the value of mothers and lots of many such activities.

Cards, Gifts and Decoration

Every day is a Mother’s Day in actual sense, but on this special day kids decorate amazing greeting cards on their own and pen down love quotes to show how much they respect and value their mothers. Kids also save their pocket money and buy some unimaginable gifts to surprise their mothers, in order to bring smile on her face.

An Essay on Mother's Day
An Essay on Mother’s Day

Gift of God

Mothers are the most special gift from God and they are the only one who is selfless by nature. Their never ending love and care is beyond any comparison, and from morning till night they are always on their toes to give comfort and good health to their kids. She never even demands credit for the work she does. Mother’s are our first teacher and takes full interest and excitement in whatever things we do. Her scoldings are also a blessing in disguise and she keeps us aware every single day to stay away from bad company.

Soft Hearted Mothers

Mothers may scold us from time to time if we continue repeating mistakes, but when we get sad or tears roll down our eyes, her heart melts within no seconds. The connection between mothers and her children is priceless and their heart is filled with love and kindness. No relation in this entire universe is greater than what we share with our mothers. Whatever problems we have, she is always ready to listen and council us with where we went wrong.

God is really great, because he created an Angel in the form of Mothers. They lay a strong foundation for the well growth and the best of our development throughout our lives. So, we should always value her unconditional love, moral values and kind nature throughout our life.

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Article Title: An Essay on Mother’s Day for Students, Kids and Children
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