An Essay on Earthquake for Students, Kids and Children

Earthquake is a natural calamity which occurs due to violent shaking and trembling movement within the earth’s crust or volcanic eruption and thus causes tremendous destruction.


There are two types of earthquakes:

1. Low Intensity: Earthquakes of low intensity are less hazardous and causes minimum destruction.
2. High Intensity: Earthquakes of high intensity are very dangerous and violent and cause immense destruction in the areas it occurs.

An Essay on Earthquake
An Essay on Earthquake

Reason of Occurrence:

When a sudden energy is released from within the surface of the earth, earthquake occurs. This released energy creates some powerful and seismic waves which travels ferociously through the surface of the earth, and with the help of a seismometer the type, size, waves frequency of the earthquake is measured.


1. The first reason for the occurrence of earthquake is the ‘plate tectonics’, which makes the tectonic movements in the surface of the earth. These tectonic plates bump with each other and ride ferociously into each other which become the core reason for the formation of volcanoes, mountains or earthquakes. When the tremendous amount of energy is released from the earth’s surface during this process, high intensity earthquake occurs.

2. Second reason is the ‘geological faults’ which are of three types, normal fault, reverse or thrust fault and strike-slip fault. In areas with extensive crust, normal faults occur and areas where there is shortened crust, reverse faults occur while strike slip faults occur in those areas where the above two faults slip horizontally.

3. The third reason is the sequence of ‘earthquake clusters’. These clusters may occur in regular intervals as per the time and location and causes less destruction. Larger earthquakes on the other hand produce a storm of earthquake which results to unimaginable destruction.

Earthquakes generally occur in volcano prime areas, hills and mountains, and the places where they frequently occur are China, southern parts of the Himalayas, Japan, volcano prime parts of Europe, Philippines, and western parts of North and South America, Rajasthan in India and Arabian countries. However, they may occur in any part of the world at whatever time, depending on the pressure points and underground movements.

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