An Essay on World War 3 for Kids, Youth, Students and Children

World War 3 or World III or Third World War is a name given to hypothetical global conflict involves major powers and large number of countries. The potential use of nuclear weapons in World War 3 may be dangerous for the whole earth. It was first used to end the World War II and the results were devastating. Till date, people are paying the prices for these global conflicts.

An Essay on World War 3
An Essay on World War 3

Global Powers Involvement

World War is a global conflict when all super powers or global powers involves in war directly with each other. United States, and Russia are two major powers in the world which are against each other right now. China and India are another two rising powers around the world but they are not directly involved in any major conflicts. NATO is another global player which is involved in many conflicts directly or indirectly. If these global powers/players are successful in establishing peace, then there would not be any World War 3 / World War III.

War on Terror

A few experts have called ‘War on Terror’ a global conflict and World War 3 / World War III. However, there is no official term used as ‘World War 3’ by any nation. United States, and NATO started or involved in wars of Libya, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, and other. Instead of eliminating terrorism in these countries, millions of civilians including innocent kids, and women lost their lives with completely collapse of working government and economy.

Nations with Nuclear Weapons

Majority of experts and global leaders have shown their worries for use of nuclear weapons in next world war i.e. World War 3. United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, China, India, Israel (undeclared), Pakistan, and North Korea are countries which have nuclear weapons. Formerly, South Africa was having nuclear weapons but disassembled it before joining the NPT.

Let’s hope for the best for next generation!

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Article Title: An Essay on World War 3 for Kids, Youth, Students and Children
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