An Essay on Teenage Pregnancy for Students, Youth and Children

Teenage Pregnancy is defined as the pregnancy in the females below the age of 20. Statistics reveal that there are 7.3 million births every year from teenage pregnancies. The United States and the United Kingdom have the highest birth rates from teenage pregnancies. There are various reasons that the society today witnesses cases of teenage pregnancy. They broadly come under one of these cases:

1. Lower educational levels in the society where teenage girls are married off early
2. Higher rates of poverty forcing early marriage to benefit family
3. Outside of marriage through consensual sex with a man
4. Inadequate sex education
5. Non accessibility to birth control
6. Sexual Abuse

An Essay on Teenage Pregnancy
An Essay on Teenage Pregnancy

The risks associated to the teenage pregnancy are quite high and they are at times irreparable.

a. The birth complications are on the higher side – babies are born too early and may have a very low birth weight

b. The mother equally is prone to be a victim of early pregnancy and may encounter difficulties at birth.

c. Teen mothers have a high risk of anemia compared to mothers of higher age group

d. Risk of death following a pregnancy is doubled in the case of teenage pregnancies and has been witnessed going up to five times in cases where mothers are in the age group of 10 – 14 years.

Teenage mothers, once with safe confinement and delivery, still encounter the after effects which may be medical or social. A broad outlook into what the effects would be for them are listed below

i. Teenage mothers are forced in to natal care thus compromising on education which is their right in that age. They end up being school or university drop outs.

ii. Unemployment affects these teen mothers especially since they are under qualified. This leads them to poverty and less affluent lifestyle. Natal care is compromised leading to poor upbringing of the child

iii. The intellectual and emotional maturity of the mother is hampered and in most cases is not sufficient to handle and provide for a child at a young age.

iv. The physical and mental health of the teenage mother is overall affected. Developing nations have seen some cases of suicide of teenage mothers too.

Proper sex education and access to birth control can help mitigate the condition of teenage pregnancies in the developing nations.

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Article Title: An Essay on Teenage Pregnancy for Students, Youth and Children
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