An Essay on 2001 Gujarat Earthquake for Children, Students and Kids

2001 Gujarat Earthquake was happened on January 26, 2001. On this day, India was celebrating 52nd Republic Day and suddenly the ground/land vibrating at large sharply at 08:46am (local time IST) and lasted for several seconds. In these several seconds, thousands of villages and towns destroyed completely.

Gujarat Earthquake 2001
Gujarat Earthquake 2001

Places Which Affected Most

The entire Kutch region was affected badly as the epicenter of this earthquake was located in the district. Several towns and villages completely wiped out from the map in Bhuj, Anjar, Bhachau, and Gandhidham. The damage was widespread and thousands of people lost their lives due to collapse of buildings.

Saurashtra region was also badly affected, but not equals to Kutch. Maliya Miyana, Wankaner, Morbi, Rajkot, Amreli, and other places were affected by this earthquake.

Relief by Around the World

The earthquake destroyed the economy of the state of Gujarat for several months. A relief materials, including cash was sent by many NGOs and foreign governments for the state of Gujarat. A large number of NRIs sent relief materials and cash for the betterment of Gujarat state people. A good number of rescue team were also sent by a few countries for helping in rescue missions.

Felt in Other Countries Too

2001 Gujarat Earthquake was also felt in Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. These countries has also faced so many deaths on that day. The earthquake was happened due to the Indian plate pushing northward into the Eurasian plate. Later on, it created a larger earthquake for several seconds.

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Article Title: An Essay on 2001 Gujarat Earthquake for Children, Students and Kids
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