An Essay on Bhagwan Das for Kids, Children and Students [Free Reading]

Bhagwan Das was an Indian public figure and popular theosophist. Before India’s Independence, he served in the Central Legislative Assembly of British India. He opposed riots as a form of protest and allied with the Hindustani Culture Society. He advocated for the freedom from the British rule for India. For his contribution for the country, he was awarded with the highest civilian award ‘Bharat Ratna’ in 1955.

An Essay on Bhagwan Das
An Essay on Bhagwan Das

He was born in Varanasi, British India on January 12, 1869. He graduated school and joined as a deputy in the collections bureau. However, he left his job to pursue further study. After a superb speech by Annie Besant, he joined the popular Theosophical Society in 1894. Later on, he joined India’s popular political party, ‘Indian National Congress’ during non-cooperation movement, led by Mahatma Gandhi.

Das was very much interested in literature, and education. With Besant, he founded the Central Hindu College. Later on, that college became Central Hindu School. He also founded ‘Kashi Vidya Peeth’, a national level university where he worked as headmaster. Das was keen in literature and writing. He wrote approx. 30 books which includes books written in Hindi and Sanskrit.

In 1921, for his involvement in the non-cooperation movement, he was sentenced for one year imprisonment by the British India Government. Later on, he was released just after five weeks imprisonment on a motion of the Government. In 1934, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly in Uttar Pradesh.

At the age of 89, he died on September 18, 1958.

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