Essay for School Students on Rajiv Gandhi

Rajiv Gandhi, the first son of Indira Gandhi and Feroz Gandhi was born in the year 1944, in the illustrious Nehru family.

Rajiv Gandhi
Rajiv Gandhi

Shri Rajiv Gandhi was born on August 20, 1944, in Bombay. He was just three when India became independent and his grandfather became Prime Minister.

His parents moved to New Delhi from Lucknow. His father, Feroze Gandhi, became an M.P., and earned a reputation as a fearless and hard-working Parliamentarian.

At 40, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was the youngest Prime Minister of India, perhaps even one of the youngest elected heads of Government in the world.

His mother, Smt. Indira Gandhi, was eight years older when she first became Prime Minister in 1966.

Rajiv studied at Welham’s School and the Doon School in Dehra Dun, and St. Columba’s School in New Delhi, before studying engineering at the University of Cambridge.

Although he did not earn a degree, he met his future wife, Sonia Maino, there and married her on Feb. 25, 1968.

After obtaining a commercial pilot’s license, Rajiv served as a pilot for Indian Airlines until he resigned in 1981.

During the previous year Sanjay had been killed in an airplane crash, and Indira, anxious to groom a successor, persuaded a reluctant Rajiv to enter the political arena.

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He was an average student with no remarkable academic achievements or pursuits. It is here he met Sonia, an Italian young girl whom he married later.

After completing his studies he took up the profession of a commercial pilot, a profession he liked.

After leaving school, Shri Gandhi went to Trinity College, Cambridge, but soon shifted to the Imperial College (London).

He did a course in mechanical engineering. He really was not interested in ‘mugging for his exams’, as went on to admit later.