An Essay on Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan for Students of College and School

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was a great leader in India during the British Raj. He was a believer in non-violence opposition and worked hard to free India from the British Raj. He was the close friend of India’s father of nation Mahatma Gandhi. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was also known as ‘Bacha Khan’ and often referred as ‘Frontier Gandhi’ in British India.

An Essay on Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
An Essay on Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

This great leader met Mahatama Gandhi in 1919 and entered in politics at the time of Rowlatt Acts. The great leader joined the Khilafat movement in the following year to make stronger spiritual ties with Turkish Sultan. Due to his active role in the movement, he was elected as the president of a district Khilafat committee in North-West Frontier Province, his native place.

In 1931, he was arrested when he attended Karachi Congress with his elder brother Dr. Khan Saheb. Later on, he was jailed in Hazaribagh Jail of Bihar. He was the member of important Congress Working Committee (CWC). Gaffar Khan became the saddest man after the party adopted the Mountbatten Plan for the division of India. He spent major part of his life in Pakistan jails.

To spread harmony, progress and non-violence in the society, Ghaffar Khan decided to involve people on the religious and humanity grounds. The pledge went: ” I promise to refrain from violence and from taking revenge. I will sacrifice my wealth, life and comfort for my nation and people.”

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was in love to live in India without any partition. He even opposed the partition and often seen as anti-Muslim by a lot of people. A good number of Pashtuns wanted to stay united with India but a few have also favored the creation of Pakistan. Due to his non-violence policy and keen interest of the country, he often referred as the ‘Frontier Gandhi’.

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Article Title: An Essay on Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan for Students of College and School
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