Travel and Tourism in Andhra Pradesh Essay for Students, Children and Kids

The South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh presents one with an wide range of attractive tourist “Destinations” that enthralls and enchants the tourist.

Travel and Tourism in Andhra Pradesh
Travel and Tourism in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is blessed with the bounty of nature that is very appealing to the tourist. The natural and scenic beauty of the place overwhelms the tourist and fills them with an utmost sense of satisfaction.

The capital of Andhra Pradesh, “Hyderabad” is one of the most important tourist destination. The city boasts of the rich architectural legacies of the “Nawabs” who had ruled the city for a considerable period.

The splendid monuments, palaces, and forts are architectural marvels of the by gone days.

Andhra Pradesh is a state in India. Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) is a state government agency which promotes tourism in Andhra Pradesh, describing the state as the Koh-i-Noor of India.

Andhra Pradesh has a variety of tourist attractions including beaches, hills, caves, wildlife, forests and temples.

Situated in the southeastern coast of India, Andhra Pradesh is the 4th largest State of India. The capital of the state was Hyderabad which is also the largest city here.

However, due to the announcement of the recently formed Telangana State, Hyderabad will be a part and capital of Telangana from the 2nd of June 2014.

The State of Hyderabad will continue to function as the State Capital of Andhra Pradesh for a period not exceeding 10 years till a new capital is determined.

Visakhapatnam city has many tourist attractions such as Kailashagiri park near the sea, Visakha Museum, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, the INS Kursura Submarine museum, the Dolphins Nose, and the Lighthouse.

Tourist spots at Vijayawada include Prakasam Barrage, Kondapalli Fort, Krishna River, Bhavani Island and many more parks in the city.

Andhra Pradesh also came under the rule of the Mauryan Empire, the Ikshvaku Dynasty, Pallava, Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas and Later Cholas.When it comes to geography, Andhra covers most of the eastern part of the Deccan plateau and the eastern plains of the Eastern Ghats.

The Eastern Ghats being a mineral rich area is covered with thick vegetation and the two regions are connected by patch of sparse vegetation.

The State of Andhra Pradesh is well promoted by their tourism department and is well known for its rich natural resources, temples and rivers. The state of Andhra also shares a part of the coastal areas of the Bay of Bengal.

Tirupati is one of the Major cultural and religious pilgrimage spots in India.

The city is located at the southern part of Andhra Pradesh and is situated at the foothills of the Eastern Ghats in the Chittoor district.

Although the major language spoken here is Telugu, the word Tirupati is a Tamil word as saint Ramanujacharya who was a Tamil Vaishnava saint was responsible for founding this city.