An Essay on Education System in UK for Students and Kids

UK is one of the top countries which have excellent education system. So I have decided to do this topic, in which I will be gathering data from the student’s in India as well as students in UK, in which I will be giving comparison of traditional and modern techniques of education.


vPrimary Education is an important topic to be discussed and analysed, since it is the basis of our society’s formation, being thus decisive for our children’s future.

This essay is entitled ‘Primary Education in the U.K. and Spain: a comparison’ and it focuses on explaining some of the main matters concerning both systems. It is first of all focused on explaining some topics related to primary education in the United Kingdom including two paragraphs.

The first one a historical background, proves to be the base of today’s structure which may help us clarify today’s structure, which the topic of the second paragraph. This is followed by two clone paragraphs applied to Spanish primary education.

The last two paragraphs concentrate on the use and importance of ICT in primary education in both systems. The essay is concluded establishing an overall comparison between both systems.

According to Denis Haye in his book Primary Education: the Key Concepts, British primary education and its structure find its roots deep in history, in the middle ages.

It has been stated by some historians that English education began in AD 597 with the establishment of the cathedral of Canterbury by St Augustine. In the end of the seventeenth century education belonged to the church which promoted Christian knowledge, by creating its own schools.

At the same time there were pioneers such as Robert Raikes, Charles Gordon and the welsh Charles of Bala, who believed in a connection between social action and education. The first ‘publicly funded schools’ appeared in the mid-nineteenth century and aimed to offer Christian education to poor children.

From this time on, the control of education starts switching little by little from the church to the state. Furthermore, between 1846 and 1848 in Wales, the ‘Welsh Education Committee and the Cambrian Society’ both evolving into national schools, were formed.

In the nineteenth century it is important to highlight the education act of 1872, since it lead to many advances in primary education, not only affecting the ‘labouring classes’ as was happening in other parts of the country.