Travel and Tourism in Telangana Essay For KIds, Students and Children

Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation (TSTDC) is a state government agency which promotes tourism in Telangana, a state in the Southern region of India.

Travel and Tourism in Telangana
Travel and Tourism in Telangana

The Main Language spoken is Telugu, and the word Telangana itself was meant to distinguish Telugu speaking region from the Marathwada region.

The state is rich with historic and cultural heritage and the climate is hot n dry. The place has a majority of historic monuments and temples which were once a part of the State of Andhra Pradesh.

Retired Director General of Police Pervaram Ramulu appointed as First chairman of Telangana State Tourism.

Tourist attractions in Telangana include historical places, monuments, forts, water falls, forests and temples.

Hyderabad, the state capital, ranked second best place in the world that one should see in 2015 which is published in the annual guide of ‘Traveler’ magazine of National Geographic.

Hyderabad, the capital and the largest city of the State of Telangana and also the capital of the State of Andhra Pradesh till the next capital is determined. The place is rich with historic and urban structures.

The city is also a home to the ‘Telugu Film Industry ‘or ‘Tollywood’, which is the second largest producer of motion pictures in India.

Monuments like Charminar, marketplaces, cuisines, the town of Hyderabad is a must visit.

Warangal enshrines a huge number of ancient temples and monuments. The Pakhal lake is a must visit.

The thousand pillar temple here is a historic marvel to behold and will ensure you note it down in your bucket lists for this city.

Located by the River Godavari, Nizamabad is also a major city in the State of Telangana.

The town is famous for its various temples and historical monuments. The Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is located next to the Pocharam Lake in Nizamabad and contains a rich flora and fauna.

Karimnagar is located by a tributary of the Godavari River and is located at an approximate distance of 165 kilometers.

The city is famous for its various historical forts owing to it being under the Nizam’s reign.

The Elgandal fort is a great place to visit due to its great location. The town is also famous for its various pilgrimage spots with some really amazing temples.

Since Telangana has a population that follows various Indian traditions and also from other countries like the Persian influence, the state enjoys a varied culture and thus, it is rich on this front.

Some of the major festivals of North India are celebrated here, although Telangana is a Southern state of India. Poets and artists such as Pothana  also make the state famous and unique.

Telangana is one of the most frequented tourist places in South India. The Charminar in Hyderabad, the Papi Hills and the Kuntala Waterfalls are among the list of attractions in Telangana.

There are many temples in the state, some of which being the Bhadrachalam Temple, Thousand Pillar Temple and Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swami Temple.

The wildlife sanctuary located in Adilabad is home to varieties of animals and flora and fauna.

The visitors can enjoy and experience the thrills and adventure offered in this beautiful animal kingdom. Jeep safaris and bird watching trips are also available here.

Even though Telangana is a newly christened state, we might see many more additions to the huge list of tourist places to visit in the future.

The cultural heritage and the historic significance of Telangana has certainly made it a must visit place in India.