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Lakshadweep is an archipelago of Islands, which are nestled midst the endless Arabian Sea.

Lakshadweep Tourism
Lakshadweep Tourism

Tourism in Lakshadweep is the fastest growing industry, which is playing a vital role in generating income, employment and over all development of islands.

Lakshadweep tourism is mainly nature based which includes pristine beaches, rich flora and fauna, and marine life.

These beautiful islands allure thousands of tourists every year from various parts of the world.

For the promotion of tourism in Lakshadweep, the tourism department of Lakshadweep has come up with various plans, which include construction of hotels, development of infrastructure, conservation of heritage monuments and development of new tourist destinations.

Lakshadweep tourism offices are located at various cities of the country, which provide travel related information about Lakshadweep.

Besides, Lakshadweep Tourism Board also offers exclusive holiday packages to different Islands of Lakshadweep, which include transfers, comfortable accommodation, all meals, and sightseeing and water sports activities.

Tourists can also avail specialized Lakshadweep tourism guides at any of the islands.

Tourism is one of the few areas in Lakshadweep which can play a vital role in generating income, employment and over all development of islands.

Recognizing vast tourism potential, a humble beginning was made in 1974 and one of the uninhabited island Bangaram was opened for International Tourism.

The Hotel Corporation of India was looking after the affairs of Bangaram island resort up to 1982. The tourists on those days were coming by ship Amindivi.

Lakshadweep is situated roughly four hundred kms off the western coast of Kerala .It is basically a group of 36 coral islands dotted across the Arabian Sea.

As per a legend these islands were found by shipwrecked sailors around 345 AD, during the reign of Cheruman Perumal, the famous king of Kerala.

As these islands are away from the mainland people here still live the way they used to in the past. Materialism has still not crept in.

These islands enjoy a special status of being a Union Territory and due to this reason their unique cultural heritage and way of life are protected.

Crystal clear seas, dazzling hues, powder soft sand, unexplored coral reefs; all these make Lakshadweep a dream destination for the tourists.

Lakshadweep is a sought after tourist destination. Kavaratti is a must visit tourist spot in Lakshadweep.

It is the capital of Lakshadweep and is home to pristine white sandy beaches. It has a beautiful lagoon and is an ideal place for indulging in water sports.

It has some of the well-known Lakshadweep tourist attractions such as marine aquarium which has a magnificent collection of marine species.

The Dolphin Drive Center is a compelling attraction for the water sports lovers.Kalpeni is another exciting place demonstrating some of the finest tourist attractions in Lakshadweep.

The most outstanding attraction of Kalpeni atoll is the huge storm bank of coral wreckage that exists on the eastern and south-eastern shorelines.

Here tourists can take enjoy a number of water adventure activities such as swimming, reef-walk or water-sports on kayaks, sail boats & pedal boats. The scenic beauty of this place is purely beyond comparison.

Lakshadweep with its vast stretch of white sandy coastline has emerged as a water sport destination in the country.

Understanding the immense potential of water sports, Lakshadweep Tourism board has been has been concentrating on developing the water sports facilities.

The Department has set up a full fledged Water Sports Institute at Kamat Island which offers facilities for canoeing, yachting, Kayaking, snorkeling, wind surfing, water skiing, and scuba diving.